The latest batch of PLA we have in stock is tested by our independant tester. This person/persons are people that has no interest in Supply3DPLA but a big interest in good PLA at reasonable prices. A few of our customers has experinced problems with the latest PLA fom the NEW LINE, but our beta tester has been printing at this moment in time for more than 30 hours with no problems. He has 2 basic rules:
1: Fat free capton tape print surface washed with aceton.

2: Printbed at 70c
after these quite small adaptions he is printing with no problems on his eMaker HUXLEY.

The PLA we sell from the New line is manufactured with natureworks 4032D, 3mm as well as 1.75 mm.

We have been very active in trying to get better spools for the PLA, less sensitivity to crack and break. The 1.75 mm spools are now much better but we still trying to get the 3 mm replaced !

If you have a 3 mm spool that a side has broken from we use 2 ways to fix it.

1) Glue the side back if there is enough structure for it.

2) Use a small screw heated or simply screwed into the plastic core through the side to hold it during the spools lifespan.

1 meter of 1.75 mmPLA is aprox 3 gr or 2 CC

1 meter of 3 mm PLA is aprox 9 gr or 6 CC

The older PLA we have in stock is manufactured with the AI-1001 all 3 mm.

Manufacturing process of a 400 gr spool of rod.

When we create the 400 gr spools we actually perform an additional quality check. The rod is being threaded from the original spool through a thin 3 mm membrane and onto the receiver drum. This said, we don't send rolls under 100 gram here.

After we have done 70 turns something like 410-430 gram is on the receiving drum. We set this limit so that YOU our customer ALWAYS get at least 400 gram of PLA.

The thin filament will remove any dirt that might exist on the rod as well as checking that the rod will perform well in the extruder of the printer.

So this product is a bit more expensive than a 5Kg spool but you will have all quality control done and the rod will have no disturbing features that could not pass the thin membrane. 5Kg spools can have some hidden problems on them. The BLUE colour is quite brittle so we recommend that this colour is taken from the 5Kg spool and direct into the printer.

The new spools are about 2.5 Kg for 3mm PLA and 1.2 Kg for 1.75 that gives aprox a ratio of 1:1 depending on the diameter of the PLA rod. The quality is good and it melts and behaves more or less as the other PLA we have been selling. In our printers it works just fine!

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R1001 PLA Black and White but also Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Light blue, Light green, Pink, Yellow, Natural and Gray 1.75 mm + top up of 3 mm. IN STOCK!


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