This printer will be a small adventure for us, we have bought one of these and we will build it and come back with a report of it's pros and cons. We also look into the possibility that we might be able to distribute this printer from for the same price that it costs when bought from <> we find there service and pricing in sync with Supply3DPLA.

We have great hope that this printer should be possible to get from for more or less the same odd 400 as from the Chinese origin. We will also look into keeping a small but existing stock of spare parts, hopefully most plastic parts is REPRAP and free to access and print our self.

Right for the moment we don't have more information about this, but be sure we will be back.

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R1001 PLA Black and White but also Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Light blue, Light green, Pink, Yellow, Natural and Gray 1.75 mm + top up of 3 mm. IN STOCK!


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