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NEW LINE PLA  i applied the methods mentioned in the previous email.

as an addon to the previous remarks, the temperature for the first layer was 225 degrees C, the rest 210-212 degrees Celsius. this is what worked best on my aluminium ( SumpoD) Hot End combined with speed printing ( 45-68 mm/sec) on perimeters & up to 90-114 on infills)

After testing we have found out that when it comes down to the first layer when starting a new print. You should have a clean ( acetone washed ) print bed. Also a good temperature is aprox 70c. Be sure that the layer rely is being pressed down towards the surface, this demands that you have calibrated your print bed. You should have about 2-3 sheets of paper in height from print bed to nozzle all over the print bed. What this means is that the first layer is smeared a bit extra hard towards the print surface witch in turn leads to a good grip. You should aim for ma by 0.1 mm distance between nozzle and print bed.

To enforce the print quality of the yellow PLA we also washed it in alcohol, some T-spirit on a cloth just drag the fibre through it and then print.

Print bed at 70c.

Nozzle at 160c or raised to 170c.

At this setup on a Reprap Huxley we had no problems printing with any of the colour, including the yellow one. The yellow right now is a bit more fatty, but this has been remedied by this setup!

If you have problems please consider these questions:

What printer do you use
What is your nozzle temp
What is your nozzles print diameter
What is your heatbeds temp
What is your bed material
What is your feeder speed
What is your print speed
What is your print software
Always remember that different printers behaves different, the temp you see on your printers setup is likely not what it seems. Temperature is tricky to get right inside a chamber with just a overheated resistor or heat wire as source. Spec will differ and there is always a need for some local adjustments! We have more than one printer here, none is the same as the others!

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