I have had a lot of question re the PLA market so I thought that I might answer some of your questions here:

1.) Why is there so many different prices and quality's?


Most manufacturers come from CHINA, since they are far away and very difficult to get anything sensible out of, many people get tricked and fooled by their promises. The quality said to be is often excessive and some times lies.

Prices jump because they try to get as much they can no matter who they talk to.

2.) Why shouldn't I import myself?


Good question... A few tips on the way.. If you should have anything to go by you need to buy 200 kg or more at a time. Once again, the CHINESE market is filled with fraudulent people that does not do what they say. There is always a risk that you wont get what you ordered! Then we have EC LAW: Import price + Customs + VAT + SHIPMENT it can and it is a well grown bill to pay before you even seen the goods. After that you find faults ( I did ) and the CHINESE just don't care at all!

3.) Why the 400 gram spools in your shop?


As we wrote, the CHINESE deliver a very strange quality from time to time. This makes for a very varied quality. We have taken to re-spool some PLA into 400 gram spools that is quality tested so that you will have no problems at print time.

Some questions I can't answer here cause I have to give names and other facts out and that is not our style, what I can say is be careful!!!! All experience I refer to here is self experienced, so it is not a question that I heard anything. This is my everyday experiences.

4.) Have you changed deliverer?


Yes, we found the old quality a bit strange at times, we may sell PLA cheap but not low quality.

5.) Will you continue with the spools?

Yes, it is easier to have the spools, in fact it is very much easier so we will not accept any more PLA on paper rolls.

6.) Why cant I buy the PLA PIECES as before ?

That system came up because we had a lot of PLA less than 400 gram / spool and we didn't want to waste it. So we came up with the idea that you could buy PIECES. But this system was miss understood and we where accused by those who did not get the idea of tricking them. So we stopped this completely. Also now when we have a demand for the spools we don't have the same need to get rid of a lot of PIECES in the same way any longer.

7.) The old samples was something I liked a lot, will that emerge again?

We have been thinking about that. Until now all the PLA have been selling so fast that we have not had time to actually do a sample system/possibility. But if the requests keep coming and the wishes of our customer is there. We will consider it.

8.) Why don't you sell by the meter?

We agree that selling by the meter can be a treat! You can get a lot of colours for almost nothing. But if you rely want to be able to print some more serious pieces, the meter system is a nightmare. You can never be sure you have enough to get the entire model printed. I have myself had prints going on for up to 30 hours.. In these cases there would have been very little point in starting to print with just meters of PLA behind the print. I also believe that there is much less dust picked up when the PLA goes from a spool direct into printing instead of crawling over a surface an drag things with it


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