After examine the parts specially the printed parts from Camiel Gubbels production, I can only say:

- OH MY GOD!!! Compared with what I have been getting out of the Ultimaker this is it!!!!

WOW!!! What quality, what hardness and most of all, no floppy shells just SOLID FILL!!!! This build will be a delight and a real lucky trip to do!!!! THANK YOU Camiel, a huge Thank you!

So I guess that it is time to actually invest more build time on the MENDEL than what I have had time for...

This will be relieving to actually start doodle with a printer that works well! If you have any experience with any MENDEL printer out there, feel free to contact me re your experiences.


Now I have been building quite a lot, I have missed a few things but it can all be fixed easily. The Mendel is a bit challenge, but the feel of it is awesome! The fact that I now have a heated build platform and a rely good feeder gives me great hope of a drastically increased print quality. I can mention now that we will in the future buy us a Orca 0.30 printer as well for internal reference.

The Mendel is a well thought out system with a lot of thinking been put into the parts you get. It is a masterpiece of balancing delicate plastic with steel and screws to create a truly remarkable printer. Sturdy and very stabile in it's design as well as I must say from my point of view price worthy!

Hopefully soon ready to start printing, I will be back with reports as soon as possible

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