THY3D HighQ printer
THY3D HighQ printer

This PRINTER from THY3D has an improved printer envelope of 250*250*250 mm and a cabinet of 420*420*550 mm.

Standard print speed completely stabile is 200 mm/sec with a printhead diameter of 0.4 mm. The printer is based on the Makerbot with the Ultimaker as it's basic inspiration. The Z axis has a resolution of 0.05 mm ball rod technique.

Heated print bed is standard so it is well suited for PLA, ABS, Plywoo-3D as well as soft PLA and many other 3D printing materials.

The printer is vastly improved since it has a welded frame for durability and strength. The printer is ready OUT of the BOX for printing weight 18Kg.

Electronics is a ATMEL mega 2560 as it's core "Arduino mega 2560".

Software is CURA and NetFabb, Display and MicroSD. The CURA is available for Windows, MAC and LINUX

Also include is software, USB wire, Extra nozzel and 1 kg PLA to get you started.
Shipment is free, And including Tax in European union.
But beware outside European union there might be additional cost in customs.
Due to massive orders a Leadtime of aprox 14 days exists...

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